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Beyond the demands of the everyday, there lies a portal within you – an opening to a place outside of time, untouched by experience. In this place all mental noise stills and you remember who you are, what you’re here for, and the purpose of your life.

We live in a world that teaches us to forget the most important things we know; what brings us joy, the gifts we have to give, the innocent sensuality of embodiment, the grace in connection to Spirit, the freedom of surrender, the magic of enchantment, the resolution of suffering through living with devotion.

But we remember. Deep in our bones, we remember who we are.

This website is a sacred circle; a place where we lean into the mystery of our lives, where the fear of transformation and the seduction of evolution hold hands. Where existential weariness and the ecstasy of life co-exist; where the boundaries between the ‘real’ world and the dream are blurred.

Remember who you are. You are not lost, confused or powerless. You are not disconnected from the magic of life, from your body, from Spirit, from purpose – everything you need to know is already available to you.

What I do

I write about life and love, meaning and purpose, lostness and wholeness, lightness and darkness, isolation and unity, sensuality and spirit.

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Women’s Retreat in Southern Spain

June 27th – July 1st 2018

Do you crave deep connection to your stillness, wisdom and sensuality in the company of a tribe of wildhearted sisters? My dear friend Luise Jørgensen and I are creating just that; a delicious deep dive for women who want a few days to turn inward and re-align in a beautiful setting. We’ll be meditating, dancing, journaling, walking, breathing, visioning, witnessing each other and holding each other in our highest potential. Our venue is located between Valencia and Alicante, nestled in the mountains near the small town of Orba. Located in peaceful countryside with views of mountains, valley and the sea, the space is ideal for stillness and deep connection.

Find all the details here

The Daily Lovebomb

What started in the summer of 2017 as love notes to a friend in troubled times has become my dearest writing project to date, and a source of comfort, inspiration and connection to the mystical for an ever-growing circle of space-holders.

Check out the website or some sample lovebombs, and if you’re feeling generous come give us a like on facebook – the responses and love that I receive from readers is what inspires me to keep going, so please don’t be shy and email me if you have feedback 

Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower essences are a wonderful complement to any transformative process and are immensely supportive of the subtle energetic system. Flower Essences are a system of energetic medicine that targets mental and emotional states consisting of essences derived from the distillation of certain flowers, each of which has a distinct vibrational frequency. Similar to homeopathy, they are highly diluted (no measurable physical trace remains; an energetic ‘imprint’ is carried in the water) and do not interact with prescription medications or herbal supplements – due to this, they are safe to use during pregnancy and for children and animals.

A Bach flower consultation happens via phone or email, can be undertaken by a parent for a child (or an animal) and usually takes approximately 30 minutes, during which I ask you about your present mental and emotional state. I send the prescription via email following the consultation (most pharmacies in Europe are able to prepare the remedy for you within a few minutes). Fee: €45 / $55

Bookings and inquiries at info@stephanielisakelly.com

Discover how you’re creating meaning and purpose in my 10 step guide

Fortunately (and yet confusingly) there is no fixed “reality”. We literally create our own version of reality through our (filtered) perception and (biased) interpretation of our experiences. What this means is that our experience of life is 100% created from the inside out. Understanding how we create meaning enables us to build a constructive and empowering mindset – and this is the one thing that has the power to transform our lives.

Here’s what you’ll find in the guide:

In part 1 – Finding meaning – I talk about Personal narrative, Contextual narrative, Metanarrative, Meaning-creation and Presence. In part 2 – Creating purpose – we look at Passion, Self-expression, Fear, Contribution and Commitment.

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